The Correct spelling is: aerial

Common misspellings of the word aerial are:

How do you spell aerial?. It is not aeial or aeiral or aerail or aeral or aeria or aeriel or aeril or aerila or areial or arial or ariel or earial or even erial for that matter!

  • adj.
    1. Of, in, or caused by the air.
    2. Existing or living in the air.
    3. Reaching high into the air; lofty.
    4. Suggestive of air, as in lightness; airy.
    5. Unsubstantial; imaginary.
    6. Of, for, or by means of aircraft: aerial photography.
    7. Botany. Growing or borne above the ground or water: aerial roots.
    n. (âr'ē-əl)

    A radio antenna, especially one suspended in or extending into the air.

    [From Latin āerius, from Greek āerios, from āēr, air.]

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