The Correct spelling is: acquire

Common misspellings of the word acquire are:

How do you spell acquire?. It is not achiure or acqire or acqiure or acquie or acquier or acquir or acqure or acqurie or acuire or acuqire or adquire or aqcuire or aquire or caquire or even cquire for that matter!

  • tr.v., -quired, -quir·ing, -quires.
    1. To gain possession of: acquire 100 shares of stock.
    2. To get by one's own efforts: acquire proficiency in math.
    3. To gain through experience; come by: acquired a growing dislike of television sitcoms.
    4. To locate (a moving object) with a tracking system, such as radar.

    [Middle English acquere, from Old French aquerre, from Latin acquīrere, to add to : ad-, ad- + quaerere, to seek, get.]

    acquirable ac·quir'a·ble adj.
    acquirer ac·quir'er n.

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