The Correct spelling is: across

Common misspellings of the word across are:

How do you spell across?. It is not accross

  • prep.
    1. On, at, or from the other side of: across the street.
    2. So as to cross; through: drew lines across the paper.
    3. From one side of to the other: a bridge across a river.
    4. Into contact with: came across my old roommate.
    1. From one side to the other: The footbridge swayed when I ran across.
    2. On or to the opposite side: We came across by ferry.
    3. Crosswise; crossed.
    4. In such a manner as to be comprehensible, acceptable, or successful: put our idea across; get a message across.

    Being in a crossed position: seated with arms across.

    [Middle English acrois, from Anglo-Norman an croiz : an, in (from Latin in; see in–2) + croiz, cross (from Latin crux; see cross).]

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