The Correct spelling is: academy

Common misspellings of the word academy are:

How do you spell academy?. It is not aacdemy or aademy or acadamy or academ or acadey or acadeym or acadmey or acadmy or acaedmy or acaemy or accademy or acdaemy or acdemy or caademy or even cademy for that matter!

  • n., pl. -mies.
    1. A school for special instruction.
    2. A secondary or college-preparatory school, especially a private one.
      1. The academic community; academe: “When there's moral leadership from the White House and from the academy, people tend to adjust” (Jesse Jackson).
      2. Higher education in general. Used with the.
      3. A society of scholars, scientists, or artists.
    3. Academy
      1. Plato's school for advanced education and the first institutional school of philosophy.
      2. Platonism.
      3. The disciples of Plato.

    [Latin Acadēmīa, the school where Plato taught, from Greek Akadēmeia.]

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