The Correct spelling is: above

Common misspellings of the word above are:

How do you spell above?. It is not

  • adv.
    1. On high; overhead: the clouds above.
    2. In heaven; heavenward.
      1. Upstairs: a table in the dining room above.
      2. To a degree that is over zero: 15° above.
    3. In or to a higher place.
    4. In an earlier part of a given text: “The problems cited above have led to a number of suggestions for reform” (Wharton Magazine).
    5. In or to a higher rank or position: the ranks of major and above.
    1. Over or higher than: a cool spring above the timberline.
    2. Superior to in rank, position, or number; greater than: put principles above expediency.
    3. Beyond the level or reach of: a shot that was heard above the music.
    4. In preference to.
    5. Too honorable to bend to: I am above petty intrigue.
    6. More than: somewhat above normal temperature.
    7. Upstream of: a dam positioned ten miles above the town.
    8. North of: Minnesota is above Iowa.
    1. An earlier part of a given text: Refer to the above for that information.
    2. The person or persons already referred to in a text: The above hereby affix their signatures.

    Appearing earlier in the same text: flaws in the above interpretation.


    above all

    1. Over and above all other factors or considerations: Above all, tell the truth.

    [Middle English aboven, from Old English abūfan : a-, on; see a–2 + būfan, above.]

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